Syndicated loan

Product Introduction

Syndication loan is a type of loan business or credit business that one or several banks as an arranger and some banks as participant to form a group, jointly provide loans or credit lines to borrower through the same agent bank under the same loan agreement, according to same loan terms, and their respective proportion.

Syndicated loan is mainly oriented to large corporates or for large-scale projects, which require long-term stable funds.

Our features

Our bank acts either as arranger or as participant, provides financing solution to the borrower for general corporate and project financing purposes.

Currency: The denominated currencies are USD, EUR, HKD and RMB under certain condition.

Tenor: One to three years for short-term, three to five years for medium-term and above five years for long-term.

Interest Rate: The price of syndicated loan is composed of loan interest and fees. Lending interest rate shall be set in line with lending interest rate policies of China Merchants Bank and terms and conditions of the syndicated loan contract.

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