Bilateral Loan

Product Introduction

Bilateral loan is the funding to a borrower provided by one bank lender. Bilateral loan facilities may suit a range of needs including working capital requirements, refinancing of existing debt facilities, project financing or general corporate purpose.

Compared to the syndicated loan, the bilateral loan structure is more flexible in terms of mode of financing, the term and the safeguard clause, etc. bilateral loan is less time to be taken and the financing cost is relatively low.

Our features

Our bank offers tailor-made financial solutions for both private-owned companies and public-limited enterprises.

The companies having activities within EU will in principle be able to apply for bilateral loan facilities with us under condition that the company’s financial stability and profitability.

Currency: The denominated currencies are USD, EUR, HKD and RMB under certain condition.

Tenor: One to three years for short-term, three to five years for medium-term.

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