M&A Financing

Product Introduction

With CMB group’s expansive network, our bank has the insight and information channels to advise the Chinese corporate investors to locate the appropriate M&A target enterprise in EU market.

Our features

M&A Financing:

Our bank is confident to provide expertise service and financing support to help the company to achieve their unique M&A objectives mitigated by credit line granted by our bank, share pledge, guarantee or cash collateral.

M&A consultant:

Our specialist team will accompany you through each stage of the M&A process to contact and visit the target, sign the confidentiality agreement, make necessary market research, valuate and negotiate the price, perform the due diligence, design the structure, report to the supervisory body, assist in company incorporation, provide funding, advise in legal, tax, financing and human resources aspects, provide post-deal supervision during integration phase, etc.

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