Trade Finance

Product Introduction

Letter of Credit (L/C)

Letter of Credit is a commonly used financial instrument in international trade to ensure the payment and settlement.

Our bank, acting as a bridge between China and EU settlement, writes the letter of credit on behalf of our client as purchaser and makes sure that all delivery conditions have been met before making the payment to the seller.

Bills Financing

Our bank provide facility under L/C, Collection and T/T. Depending on importer or exporter funding needs, and provide a flexible and full range of settlement ways.


Our bank can purchase receivable bills at an agreed discount rate and on without recourse basis, which have been accepted by a Letter of Credit (L/C) issuing bank or a drawee under Documents against Acceptance (D/A). Forfaiting is a financial instrument widely used in trade finance to increase company’s cash flow rotation and therefore to improve the balance sheet structure.

Currency: The denominated currencies are USD, EUR, HKD and RMB under certain condition.

Tenor: within one year normally.

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Treasury and Financial markets

China Merchants Bank, Luxembourg Branch Treasury business includes Foreign Exchange and Money Market. We offer competitive rates and efficient service to meet your trading needs and funding requirements.

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