Corporate Deposits

Product introduction

The current account can be served as main settlement account for transfer and remittance within and out of EU. For the account whose remaining balance is higher than the threshold, our bank render all account management services free of charge. We kindly invite you to consult our latest fee schedule for more detail.

Currency: The denominated currencies are USD, EUR, HKD and RMB under certain condition.

Term Deposit

Product introduction

Corporate term deposit refers to the deposit saved by corporate customers with the temporarily idle funds. The saving term shall be specified in the contract between the corporate customer and Bank. When the deposit is withdrawn upon maturity, the interest shall be calculated in accordance with the interest rate agreed on the deposit date.

Our bank provide meanwhile tailor-made term deposit products aiming to meet all client need and to maximize the client satisfaction.

Currency: The denominated currencies are EUR, USD, HKD and RMB under certain condition.

Term: The term of deposit could be one month, three months, six months, one year.

Account Opening for Incorporation

In accordance with Luxembourgish laws, any company under the process of its formation needs to open a bank account in Luxembourg where the minimum share capital will be deposited.The bank issues thereafter a fund blocking certificate in line with the amount of the paid-up capital, which provides confirmation to the notary that the funds have been received, when the shares are subscribed in cash. Our bank offers the setting up of such bank account and the issuance of fund blocking certificate. The account will be automatically categorized as current account once the company is officially formed.

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